Thursday, January 05, 2006


Opportunity music video

click on the title for the video
You might need the most recent version of quicktime to view the videos, it is available HERE for free.


Blogger DanTheMan said...

I have a suggestion for a great "Opportunity" for exposing the messages and music to the world, who might have missed this gem, that has been around for a quarter of a century...

Will Powers would benefit from a true a DVD Release...


1. All The Videos From "Dancing
For Mental Health" Project

2. Documentary With Behind The
Scenes Footage About How This
Project Came To Fruition

3. Lynn Goldsmith Gallery Of Images

4. Lynn Goldsmith Biography

5. Interviews With The Artists
And The People Involved In
The Singing And Dialogue On
The Record

6. Narrative Commentary Feature For
Lynn To Provide As A Bonus
Feedback Regarding The Videos

7. Bloopers From The Videos If
They Exist Will Be Fun

8. Visual Cast Of Characters
In The Songs...Then And Now!

9. Visuals Or A Report About All
That "Will Powers Institute"
has done...involving raising
of funds and awareness

10. Biographies of all those
involved in the project

6:24 AM  
Blogger DanTheMan said...

Now's The Ultimate "Opportunity" For A "Will Powers" DVD

My Suggestions

1. Dancing For Mental Health
The Videos

2. Lynn's Commnetary On Videos
Alternate Audio/Visual Feature

3. Lynn Goldsmith Bio

4. Lynn Goldsmith Image Gallery

5. Mini Documentary Involving All
That Influenced This Project
And All That Was Involved In
The Project's Fruition

6. Artists That Contributed:
Interviews And Pertinent Video
Clips Regarding Their Careers

7. The Actual Participants And
Human Interest Stories As Told
In The Songs And Other People's
Anecdotes That Have Been
Inspired By The Project

8. Bloopers From The Videos!

9. Reports On How This Project May
Have Influenced Other Projects
As The Precursor To "We Are The

10. Timeline for Lynn Goldsmith
And The Will Powers Institute

6:44 AM  
Blogger Dan TheMan said...

I never knew this video actually existed either...

What a treat!

Loved seeing Carly Simon's quick the daughter of Sophie!

It was also refreshing to see visuals of Will Powers on stage!

Was Will ever in concert?

That's a performance i wouldn't want to miss!!!

"Google Video" has this one along with other clips from the "Dancing For Mental Health" Project:

("Kissing With Confidence"/"Wilma Fox"/"Celebrity Testimonials"/
The classic "Adventures In Success"...)

Take care!

12:10 PM  

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