Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wilma Fox Testimony

Wilma Fox Testimony music video

click on the title for the video
You might need the most recent version of quicktime to view the videos, it is available HERE for free.


Anonymous J Bloomrosen said...

Oh Man!!!

Finally... to see this video (with the great little cameo by Todd R.) after all these years of not even knowing it existed?????

I was in tears of joy...

Wow! Thanks Will!

11:23 PM  
Blogger Dan TheMan said...

I never knew this video actually existed either...

What a treat!

Loved seeing Carly Simon's quick the daughter of Sophie!

It was also refreshing to see visuals of Will Powers on stage!

Was Will ever in concert?

That's a performance i wouldn't want to miss!!!

"Google Video" has this one along with other clips from the "Dancing For Mental Health" Project:

("Kissing With Confidence"/"Wilma Fox"/"Celebrity Testimonials"/
The classic "Adventures In Success"...)

Take care!

12:07 PM  
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