Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why Suffer?

Life is not something we are supposed to suffer through. Life is a process of endless 'tinkering' that leads us to constantly work on our self improvement. We are not 'fixed' by our circumstances. Hard times exist to inspire us to self-create. There are many examples of this through out history. Our current winter olympic games in Italy are filled with examples of medal winners across the globe who have risen against all odds to be the best not only in their country but in the world. Ben Franklin said: "Greatness is not for the few, but is the duty of all of us." Why is it "the duty?" Because it is in the drive to be the best that we can be, that we will find our sense of fulfillment, our sense of being a whole person, our connection to a higher power that lies within us and thus a stronger connection to our community. Some Buddhists say that life is suffering. That does not mean that you are meant to be unhappy. It means that this life is filled with experiences that disappoint and that this is the purpose of life is in how you respond to that suffering. How can you use suffering to turn yourself into a MASTER of your destiny?
At the Will Powers Institute you are given 'exercises' to develop the self control that can turn your suffering into your strengths. Start with something very simple that you can do. For example, when you wake up in the morning do you make your bed everyday? If you don't, start doing it now. There is no reason a day should pass where you do not perform this action. Make it habit. Make it happen. Because you are starting the day by taking control, the rest of your day will be more enjoyable.


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