Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lost? Try Modeling!

History is full of people who achieved amazing things by sheer will and persistance. If you think you cannot attain a goal you have set for yourself, have you tried picking someone in history or someone in the working field that you want to be in and looked at how they fulfilled their dreams? The path is already there for us. Look at how others before you got there. MODEL yourself after them. If you have not read Benjamin Franklin's AUTOBIOGRAPHY then I suggest you do so. When one looks at how someone else achieved success, you will see that there are 'habits' of highly effective people that you too can use to get what it is that you want.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Will,

I think your suggestion to try "modeling" (yourself on other people's success) is great advice!

I only just discovered this blog, and I want to say I'm a big fan. (I'm also a big fan of your album from the 1980s... I had been looking for it on CD for years, and I'm glad it's now available so I can order a copy...)

Thanks for your suggestions. I'm a big fan of this "side project" of yours... I wish you had made more albums! And if you're going to model yourself on someone, Ben Franklin is a good choice... (And probably so is "Will Powers" her/himself!)

Best wishes.


3:51 AM  

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