Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Answering You

I have gotten comments which I would like to respond to however, often, there is no email reply address given to do that. If the door only swings one way, how can we communicate? I have to assume that one of your problems if you are someone who does not want a response to a complaint or a question, is that you do not want to hear an answer. You do not want to mess with your own 'belief' system. It is helpful in life if we remember that there is always more than one point of view, more than one truth. Below is the only negative email from someone called Friend Electric that I have gotten. I want to answer it as I would want to answer positive ones.

I own the vinyl version of this album, and I bought the cd version to get rid off the vinyl, but.. it doesn't work!!
You may ask what's the reason? I tell ya: the cd is unlistenable because it's mastered from vinyl and has a 50-Hz-hum all over! That's not what I expect from quality work.

Posted by friend electric to Will Powers at 9/12/2006 05:48:10 AM

For Friend Electric:
I baked my tapes and transfered them to dat. I went to London and worked with Karl Wallinger of World Party to remix.
Therefore if you got a cd which you consider unlistenable, it is not because it was mastered from Vinyl. Did it come from www.cdbaby.com? or from some where else? If you would like to send me the CD you got - I would be happy to replace it with another.

Instead of a complaint where you assumed you were not given what you think you deserve, why not discuss the problem?
Is this something you do in your life? If so I suggest you look at where that leaves you - angry and unsatisfied. You have other options. If you tell someone of a problem, it is productive to suggest what the solution would be.

for any comments or suggestions - please email will@willpowersinstitute.com

thank you in any case for taking time to come to the blog and let me know you are there - it keeps me going.


Blogger friend electric said...

it honours you that you answered to my comment; I'm not really used to it and had an overload of coffee this day. The problem to me was that I thought I would have bought a quality product which the artist himself holds in his hands without any company who tells this or that. Yes, I got this one from cdbaby.com and I have absolutely no problem with the service, whatever, but only with the product.
If you say you got another version that don't have the hum then I may ask: How is this possible? Does cdbaby sell other items than you do?
However, if you want to replace the cd with a good one, this could be a solution for this "problem" and we'll never speak again about it.

You said in the first part of your hm.. I would say in your "lyrics" ;) that there is always more than one point of view. But: this is an opinion, or a point of view! And as you said before, there could be more than one point of view, and another point of view could be just that there isn't another point of view. Or maybe no other point of view is accessible or interesting in a special moment when you've got exactly the situation you're in. It's easy to say "there's another point of view" as long as you don't get the exact situation in which the given point of view is expressed. The general problem may be that no one ever is in the exact situation as the other one. Maybe this is not very understandable now, but my english may be not so good that there might not come up new questions to this philosophy.
I haven't read all your posts in your blog just took a short overview and I also understand your philosophy I think. On the other hand it's not possible that everybody has big success; our whole system refuses this. I've known a few cases where dumb people had a lot of "success" because they really believed that they weren't dumb at all, and nobody dares to say to them that they aren't, sometimes because they want to participate in this kind of "success". So this is built on lies, then, and I don't want that at all.
ok, that's it for now, cu

friend electric

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard the vinyl back in the 80's and have searched for a CD version for years. Finally found it at cdbaby.com and it works perfectly. I now use it with high school students to inspire them to bigger and better things.

4:28 AM  
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