Saturday, December 16, 2006


If you had to choose just one thing that you feel helped you the most with your own success, what would you say it was?

This is a question that was just sent to me. The answer: Love. First, love of myself. I wanted to give myself the life I dreamed of. I did not want to spend time frustrated and angry. I wanted to enjoy my time on the planet. Loving yourself means having respect for the gift of life. Secondly, loving others. When you think about how what you do can serve others as well as yourself, then you are not only strong in your faith that you will succeed, you are kept strong by the notion that what you are doing could help someone else. Third, loving the challenges that every day brings. Many people think they have problems. They are overwhlemed. How different their life would be if they saw their struggles as opportunites to make themselves stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. Like John Lennon said: "Love is the answer."


Anonymous Fred said...

Thanks Will,

Your answer means a lot to me... I'll be sure to keep checking back here for your wisdom in the new year!

Your fan,


8:23 PM  
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