Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here's Help Getting What you Want

Ask specifically
Ask someone who can help you
Create value for either the person you are asking help from or show them how your intention is to create value for others
Ask with a faith that their helping you will help them
If you get a no, keeping asking elsewhere

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lost? Try Modeling!

History is full of people who achieved amazing things by sheer will and persistance. If you think you cannot attain a goal you have set for yourself, have you tried picking someone in history or someone in the working field that you want to be in and looked at how they fulfilled their dreams? The path is already there for us. Look at how others before you got there. MODEL yourself after them. If you have not read Benjamin Franklin's AUTOBIOGRAPHY then I suggest you do so. When one looks at how someone else achieved success, you will see that there are 'habits' of highly effective people that you too can use to get what it is that you want.

Friday, August 04, 2006


A number of months have passed since last communication. What has changed in your life? Have you taken on the responsibility of making your dreams come true? Or, have you continued to invest in behavior that keeps you from your goals? If you have, then look at how quickly time has gone by and what you might have accomplished had you started on your path when you first came to this blog. Take this time to review what is better in your life than 3 months ago. What have you done to make changes? There are ups and downs. Remember the feeling of having a richly full minute, hour, day, week, or better yet, month. Success comes from self control. I know that when we do not practice control over what we eat, or over what we say, that we end up feeling like a failures. We don’t ‘Get Away’ with anything. So, what simple action can you take to improve yourself? Remember there is no quick fix. Practice makes perfect. The cliché is a truth. Yesterday I met someone who lives her life in fear of cancer. She does not have it, however she thinks about it very often. She has an investment in thinking that because she will die of cancer she need not address the real issues in her life that make her feel she is dying. This is dangerous. Your mind is the most powerful aspect of you and it is possible to cause bad things to happen as well as good things based on how you direct your mind. It is up to you.

I would like to post some stories on the blog about what people reading this are doing to change their lives or lives in their communities so please respond to with any stories you want to share.