There are two sides to a coin. If Will Powers is one side, then Fate is on the other. Will Powers and Fate have to work together.  Do you want to climb the ladder of enlightenment? Do you dare to be great?  One's fate can change based on use of one's Will.  It takes sacrifice. It takes concentration. It takes passion. It takes commitment to say - "I start now."

I have asked myself  on numerous occasions what keeps me from doing something that I say I want to do.  I'm Will Powers and yet I am no different at times from all who say they want to do something but do not take the action to make their idea or dream a reality.  I know there are no excuses.  Either one does what one says they will do or they do not. Thinking you will do it later, that you can put it off, is not how you succeed at anything.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to earn more money? Do you want a better relationship with your friends and family? The only way to change is to START NOW. There may not be a tomorrow and if there is, then you are a "dollar short and a day late."

I suggest taking 3 letters, TNT, ( TODAY NOT TOMORROW) and say them to yourself 100 times a day.  This mantra has helped me in the past to take action on my ideas. If I have had this problem of procrastination, in all likelihood you have too.  It's important for us to realize that there's more fun in tomorrow if you know you've started on the road to your goals today.


Will Powers said…
hi - are you working on your list of New Year resolutions?
Jeremy said…
Sort of a random question... Do you know what version of Adventures in Success was included on the Serie Noire - Dark Pop and New Beat compilation back in 2002? I have the LP and 12" and it doesn't seem to be the same version as on either of those (not the dub either). It's got a different voice... more "announcer guy" than the soothing new agey voice on the other versions and it starts out (at least where they mixed it in) with "Adventure 1" and a story about Ralph something a foreman who buys a farm, etc... No amount of internet research I do seems to shed any light on it. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!

Norn Cutson said…
i'm so happy to find this blog & your vibe online!
Hey there! Your post is so reminiscent of what happens to millions of people every year. The thing is, people are waiting for THINGS to change, but things aren't going to change. It has to be YOU that changes.

Once you change, things will get better. I really think you can change, and one small step you can do is checking out my blog because I post on daily motivation and inspiration with every post. I make about a few posts every week, and it keeps ME on track, and it can help keep YOU on track too.
Norn Cutson said…
i suggest...starting a WILL POWER fanpage on fb. that will make it easier to be in contact & keep each other motivated & inspired.
i'm happy to help!
Hi...I just discovered this blog so I'm yet to find out much about you, but I was searching for anything spiritual (yes, to see if you'd check out my new blog) but also because I'm a philosopher at heart.

In answer to your question, I have found in my own life I am suddenly reaching a point where goals are materializing around me, I am driven to create, and it's almost effortless, whereas before I would struggle to commit to or finish anything. And looking back, that's because I hadn't finished sorting myself out. I finally got happy with myself, and with what I have already in my life, and it seems growth comes naturally, but I really had to work through the crap first. I believe (in line with Maslow and no end of psychologists) that you really need to meet those needs first before you can begin to actualize and be everything you can be.

I'm at that stage now, and feel I'm overflowing, so I've started my blog to offer whatever I can of myself to help others, as that's all I have, and I know that I now have enough for me and to share, and willpower isn't even coming into it anymore. :-)

PS If I can be of help, just ask! :-)
Shenba said…
Nice one !

Anonymous said…
Hi Will.

I just wanted to say thanks ... so thank you! I had the original Dancing For Mental Health album in the early 80s. It's upbeat cheesy danceableness worked for me. Now I'm a 45 year old Dad of two daughters, and will play it for them when kissing with confidence or otherwise stops being considered yucky. I deeply appreciate your work, and to use a tired phrase, positive input. As I say to myself ..'Make it habit. Make it happen!".
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Olívia Németh said…
Lovely blog!!
All of us have dreams. But until we work hard towards an objective, we are not going to get anyway in life.
therapy4help said…
Positive thinking is not enough to establish positive feelings, you can repeat positive affirmations to yourself that will certainly be helpful, but in a stressful or challenging situation, those old negative thoughts can come to surface and take over once again.
will powers said…
for gideon

I appreciate knowing that you will pass on the dancing to your daughters and knowing that make it habit , make it happen might be of some use to them too....
bobobux said…
nice blog right there!.. please do visit mine too.... thanks!.. :)
Kehne Do said…
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vindhu:) said…
awesome!!!!! nice 1 really...keep in line....
Jason Lee said…
Good advice on will power, if we dream and no action, it always just a dream.
Oddbjørn said…
Are you a procrastinator?
Anonymous said…
Hello, Will. I am one of the only people on the planet with two, count 'em, TWO copies of the Will Powers "Dancing For Mental Health" cassette: I treasure them, and would gladly give away all other recordings I own just to keep the cassettes in my possession. I am a firm believer in dancing for mental health (and I'm a helluva dancer, as well), and want to spread the gospel of Will Powers throughout America. Opportunity! Will! If you want to be happy, START NOW! Just smile!
Unknown said…
Hello, Will. I just wanted to say that I love you!! Thank you for doing what you do, I am extremely happy that I came across your music video Smile!! It made me smile/cry and my faith is restored. You are amazing and you are my inspiration.THANK YOU AGAIN!! AHHH I LOVE UUUUU SOMUCH UWU
Unknown said…
really good such a good take on the therapy industry - the waffle all boils down to this

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