Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prepare for 2011

"When you've finished getting yourself ready in the morning, you must go get the planet ready."
antoine de saint exupéry, le petit prince

This is a pivotal time for everyone, for the planet, for the future of consciousness. It's easier to think that we are victims to
those more powerful, than to consider the power we have to change our own circumstances and that of others. Please take
5 minutes before the year moves ahead, and look in the mirror and ask yourself the following questions:
how have I improved in the past 12 months?
how have I improved the lives of others?
do I want to be happy?
what will it take to make me feel like I have meaning on this earth?
when will I start to make my life, as well as the lives of others,
better than it was in this past year?

we are all connected. Treat others as you would want to be treated. If you are having a hard time with this, then
google what you can volunteer for in your neighborhood and just go once to see how it will affect you as well
as those you have a taken a step toward helping.

where there's will, there's a way
happy new year