Sunday, December 29, 2013

On this day in 2012,  I said that a DVD of Will Powers would be ready for release the following December.  I did not keep to that timeline.  I failed.  No matter what events transpired in my life which could be used as an excuse for not meeting this deadline, I know that if I had focused on it, I could have achieved it. What  I've been doing is remixing songs but little work has been done on the book which will accompany the music. I am somewhat "lost" in the structure of the writing as well as what 'form' Will Powers should take.  The world is changing so fast in our communication possibilities that I am rethinking how Will Powers can be the most effective.

I also have to admit that I'm afraid of the responsibility of putting thoughts on paper. It takes quiet time to look deeper into my 'self'  to find the means to be effective in helping others reach their potential.  My own fear of failure keeps me from just "doing it".  We all have to free ourselves from the idea that the 'self' is a predetermined failure.  It is a constant battle that takes discipline.  We need to absorb the lessons of creating positive habits.  That discipline will give us the freedom to 
explore new parts of ourselves and others.  Experience has shown me I do have the answers which inspire others, I just feel like a phony sharing my insights if I am failing.  

As we head into 2014, we all have had years before us filled with both moments of clarity and moments of doubt.  We have to choose, prioritize, work with determination and persistence.  We all have to keep in mind that "Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey."  I wish you luck on your path and hope you will share with me and others any stories of your successes as well as your failures.  Both experiences are of great value.  Together we make each other stronger.  Peace and Love Will Powers


Blogger Sister Wendy Beckett said...

Dear Will Powers,
My name is Brandon and I have been a tremendous fan of yours, and Lynn's and the supporters, and, of corse, that fuckin' masterpiece of classic concept-album dance music and positive vibes, DANCING FOR MENTAL HEALTH and the many kind, caring words of thoughtful wisdom and positive, logical reinforcement contained within. I've had several LP copies of it since the year it came out when I was 15 years old, as well as all of the extended EP's and I would like to go on (your) record by stating that I really do feel that the influence of the words & thoughts you chose to populate the album with very likely had a most positive impact upon my life, my dealings with others and my largely positive-minded nature which I happily maintained well into my mid-30's... When several factors not of my own doing, as well as one other element which was of my own irresponsible doing toward my own self (drugs and daily alcohol abuse, which I have allowed to continue with me on my life path to this very day!) I stumbled upon this blog totally by accident today and it just struck me as Rashomon... No, I mean that's not it either, it struck me as being the perfect key (i.e. serious-ass reminder) as in answer to my defeatest perception that I was no longer entitled to any kind of true happiness and that the gates
were forever more locked, denying me re-entry back into Shangri-La... I just read something on your blog about the 3 steps you would suggest for re-attaining your life goals... and I swear to God Lynn, I started fucking crying uncontrollably like a baby, as it reminded me of the one thing I really had done quite well in the last 17 years or so, which was avoiding my feelings of failure, inadequacy and just shoving away my never-realized dreams so that I never focused on any of those three ever, no matter what... simply because living in that perpetual stasis of personal failure & sincerely just giving-way to my ridiculous notions due to an honest over-all sensation of complete and total impotence. (this is only part 1 of ?)

9:28 PM  
Blogger Sister Wendy Beckett said...

(this is part 2 of 3)
So, I dunno really where to go from here, other than to keep those 3 helpful hints of yours close at heart (make the bed every day, exercise and clean your fucking house again someday... even if only ONCE!) (I used to keep an impeccable domicile, but nowadays it just looks like retarded articles of dischord live there! I see that it's been a good while since you've been to your own blog (you big vocoder-voiced sillie!) & that you tend to only visit & leave another thoughtful blog message to Will's (atheletic) supporters @ New Years time... I just though perhaps my having had a life-long relationship directly with you, through the enormous meaningfullness which your one single musical project ever produced has meant to me in my life, but which, though I can still quote every word on the album right along with you blindfolded, I notice (or re-remind myself) of that serious personal problem of mine which I have merely (and quite successfully) divorced away from myself in my own mind with nary any concern for what the fuck it was that this action had really caused me (pain, contempt, self-disregard, an accelerated annoyance with over-population, the unteneble political climate of our country since the turn of the century, and another thing, which I really do believe happened to the equilibrium & energy attributable to the spirits or consciousnesses that govern and watch over us and our world, which I feel has been turned on it's head from the way things were psychically up until about the turn of the century...

9:30 PM  
Blogger Sister Wendy Beckett said...

(this is 3rd & final chapter of BUFORD T. PUSSER - WALKING TALL)

and (this may just be a clear indication of my loss of sense of reality) but I feel now, I only take notice that seemingly at every last turn I make, or I witness others making, whereas in past times it used to be 50/50 that something would either easily go your way or else backfire on you miserably, and now it seems that those previous odds I mentioned are severely out of whack, and that pretty much everything you do, or attempt to do, or intentionally attempt to avoid having anything to do with at all, in these enlightened times of ours (yes, I
AM being facetious) that 9 times out of 10, something will manage to fuck up, hinder or interrupt, essentially disallowing you to do whatever simple, menial-ass action you were attempting to do (I have recently taken to referring to this consistently getting shot down from anything you attempt to accomplish and it's consistent cheating of the fair odds of the previously established rules of the game to this universe we have lived in all of these years and it's repercussive domination and seeming joy I feel it gets a grin out of for every time this happens to one of us, and I REALLY, SINCERELY DO FEEL THAT IT HAS UNFAIRLY CHANGED THE RULES AND ODDS OF HAPPENSTANCE UPON US IN OUR DAILY LIVES, and this great and noble creature I have so knighted as being termed the `GOD OF CHAOS' in our universe!) I really duuno, Lynn or Will, whomever might end up being the one to (hopefully) correctly interpret this missive as I intended it to be communicated.... This was simply due to how very much your output has meant to me throughout my life, coupled with the fact that a piece of advice I read from you brought noisy, snotty REAL TEARS from my pessimistic eyes, and you had said something about if anyone of your supporters reached out for support, that Will & the Powers Supporters would and should always be there to assist in a request for a hug or, like, maybe.... could I hold your hand for a while?? I love you,
Brandon Quinn
(posing as Sister Wendy Beckett) reachable at or or (626)390-4963 or (626) 797-0467 or 2023 N. Maiden Ln.
Altadena, CA. 91001

p.s. it would be a real joy (and even an honor, I think) to receive a response from you

p.p.s. do you have spinach on your teeth?? will your braces lock?? prolonged kiss suffocation?

p.p.s.s.s.s. just kidding!

or, golly gee, could I possibly be this ridiculous, really?

9:32 PM  

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