Most people think in generalities, and have no clear goals. They spend more time planning their vacation than they do planning their future. The majority, when asked to define the meaning of 'success' would probably say it is wealth.  Success, as pictured by society in general, is a pseudo state of affluence. At the Will Powers Institute we do not think success is to be confused with monetary achievement.  It is the more difficult feat of guiding your life efficiently to the realization of your purpose.  Success is an "inside" job.

Deep within every person are the qualities for making life a success.  Concentrate on your purpose, and you will draw to you the people and experiences that are the necessary ingredients to help you in your journey.  Start by asking yourself what you want to do with your life and what you are willing to contribute in order to achieve it?  Success does not come to the person who only wishes for it.  It comes to the person who decides it WILL be theirs...and works for it.  It's a journey of continuous effort to turn body, mind, and spirit into one.

Now put on some music and dance around your house.  You will naturally absorb what I am saying!


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