Monday, April 24, 2006

Define Your Purpose

Your life must have purpose to be meaningful. Picture your life as a rubber band. You can allow it to dangle in its natural state, or stretch it out just short of breaking. The outer limit of your achievement and contribution to living must be your PURPOSE. You have amazing abilities awaiting release and excercise.

Define your purpose and completely commit yourself to achieving this purpose. A definite purpose is an absolute necessity in order to make a contribution to life and an impact ON life.


Anonymous Andy Graham said...

Will Powers is alive and well?!?!?!! Oh my's been 20 years since my 'friend' threw my 'Dancing for Mental Health' LP on the roof of my high school science building, never to be heard from again...until now!

I am so glad that the 'Adventures in Success' video had been brought back to life via Google Video. What a trip down memory lane that of my all-time favorite 80's music videos for sure (The Cars 'You Might Think' being a close second).

I'm glad I stumbles onto this..I'll be keeping an eye on the new site to see what happens.

Thanks Lynn...uuh I mean...Will!


10:39 PM  

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