It's critical to have love. If you lay down at night and have no peace, no joy, no contentment, you are impoverished. Finances cannot remedy this. They offer no solution to our need for love, appreciation, friendship and family.  Remember our commonality: we are all struggling.  It is the common denominator.  As different as we are on many things, the bottom line issues are the same. Practice seeing others with compassion and you will have a better sense of self which will bring you closer to your true goals.

If we want to achieve real success, then we have to begin by changing ourselves into a people who see each other equally. We need to look out the window at others and acknowledge that we have ideas about other people which are tainted by what we have heard of them.  Drop your bias, your preconceived notions of who someone is.  If you are serious about wanting a world that is a supportive environment for reaching our fullest potential, then you need to have faith that this can happen. It is not beyond any of us to be a loving person.  It is part of you.
Acknowledge how rich or poor, black or white, religious or not, all people have a brokenness and pain. Without distinction, reach out to people who are hurting. Start by being a good listener. Think of yourself as a bridge builder.

Be not left wing or right wing - be the whole bird.


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