Use any holiday as a time to remind yourself of what there is to be grateful for. Concentration on the positive will increase the good in your life and the life of those around you. Negative attracts negative. Make it a time to objectively look back and ask yourself if you think the quality of your life has improved to the degree you want it to.  Make a list of exactly what you would like to happen in the next 5 years.  Then ask yourself what can you do to make that happen.  Be honest. The process of getting what you want starts with you, not with anyone else. If you're not clear about what you want and what you are willing to do to get it, then it is highly unlikely you will succeed.  Listen to your inner voice. Stressing about what could be will not help you. Blaming others will not help you.
"Coulda, woulda, shoulda" gets you no where.  Asking for help from people who are capable of helping and who you are able to serve in some way, will bring solutions to problems.

Get ready for tomorrow today.


Fred said…
Hi Will,

Thank you very much for this blog! I love to come here for the inspiration you "spark"!

Will, may I ask you a question? If you had to choose just one thing that you feel helped you the _most_ with your own success, what would you say it was?

Thank you! (And I hope you have a wonderful "Holiday Season"!)

Your fan,

(email: repertorycinema_at_gmail_dot_com)

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