No matter if you say you can or you can't, you will be right.
Think - if you can't, you must.

It's not 'what happens' that determines the quality of life. The quality of your life is what you DO about what happens.

Belief in yourself equals your ability to practice self discipline.

For things to change, you must change. What keeps you from change? FEAR. What is fear?
F.E.A.R.  = Forever Evading Another Reality

Keys to overcoming fears:
1. Identify it
2. Analyze it
3. Be willing to accept the worst
4. Be willing to take action
5. Take action

Ask yourself: what caused or created your fear? what benefit do you get from it? Why is now a good time to be free of your fears?

Only by facing fear can you to tap into your personal power . This is the key to a successful life.

Personal Power is:
1. The ability to act. The universe rewards action.
2. Decide exactly what you want and give yourself a time period to make it happen.
3. Know how what you want will help other people fill their needs.

If you do not succeed, try again ....Practice makes perfect!


Dave said…
We are what we make ourselves to be.

Make it happen. Make it habit. Where there's Will there's a way.
shesaid said…
The bell ring and I rise from the stool. Thanks Will Powers. Now, when challenged, i see Ali rising to go another round. So can i, and like him, I will WIN!!! You can too use the the mental picture method.

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