Give yourself credit for your achievements. If you feel you did not succeed in achieving a goal, have you asked yourself why? Failure can actually turn into a success if you realize what kept you from getting what you wanted. You can discover it's time to release yourself from patterns that no longer serve you. How do you do that?

Identify those patterns of behavior which undermine your fulfillment. We have to release the past in order to think about how to move forward.  Give yourself a deeper sense of acceptance, self-trust, confidence. COGITO ERGO SUM. "I think, therefore I am." Go to the mirror and say those words out loud. You can manifest your thoughts because your thoughts are you. Begin your day this way. End your day this way. It will help you to find the path to your goals.

Some of the greatest satisfactions in life, if not the most rewarding ones, are becoming what you wish to be, achieving what you desire and accumulating what you want to have. What kind of person do you want to be? Are you that kind of person at this very moment? Is your total life spectrum a meaningful one? What do you dream of in the inner recessess of your mind? What are you doing to make your dreams come true?  Take 5 minutes in a quiet space to think about these questions.

If you want to take flight and land in the history books or simply live in a world that you have a sense of purpose and fulfillment,  is completely up to you.  It is not anyone else's fault if you do not make the choice to pursue your dreams.  Determine your objective and move forward with an organized plan to achieve it.  Only when power is controlled and channeled does it become creative and productive. This is the right time to bring your neglected aspirations back into focus regardless of how old or outmoded you think they are.

Missed on your first try? So what!  Try again.  Increase your determination. If you have not started a list of what you would like to achieve, do it now. Remember success on any level takes backbone, not a wishbone.


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