Thursday, December 28, 2006


We are coming upon a new year. Have you spent time looking back over the past 12 months to see what you have accomplished? Do you think about the moments that you felt a goal was achieved? Close your eyes and enjoy that success.
Give yourself credit for your achievements. If you feel you did not succeed in any way, have you asked yourself why? Have you taken an inventory to see what you could change? It is time to release the patterns that no longer serve you. First you must identify those patterns. You have to release the past and think about how you can move forward. Remember who you really are. Give yourself a deeper sense of acceptance, self-trust, confidence. COGITO ERGO SUM. "I think, therefore I am." Go to the mirror and say those words out loud. You can manifest your thoughts because your thoughts are you. Begin your day this way. End your day this way. It will help you to find the path to your goals. You are not alone. Ask for help if you cannot find your direction. Give help to others who ask of you. In a few days we enter into 2007. If you have not started a list of what you would like to achieve, then do it now.


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