Do you ever find yourself concerned with what others think of you or with what they think of themselves? Putting your mind in that direction does not help you. It is actually a way of avoiding the importance of thinking about yourself and what is important to you. You can train yourself to change.
Reminding yourself that you are not in control of others is one of the first steps in taking control of your own life.

Have you taken inventory of the last year? Have you made new goals based on that inventory? Are you giving yourself reasonable goals for the time you want to achieve them in? Are you in touch with your inner spark? It is this spark that releases your drive and gives you the energy to accomplish getting what you want. Have you accepted that a change in your thinking will change your career, your personal relationships, your level of appreciation for your life? It is time to Give Yourself Away. If you think more about giving than getting, you will accomplish more. Practice being thankful. Greatness comes from your contribution to others. We are all connected. You must have conviction if you are to tap into unlimited power. Look not only for your own potential, but the potential in others. Be aware of what causes people to have the responses they do. Every person can find solutions or they can aggravate the situation. Do you want to have a meaningful life? Ask yourself if you want others to have a meaningful life as well. What do you have in your heart? If optimism is not there, then you need to change that now for yourself as well as for others who you do care about. No matter what month it is, make this a new year. Start the new you NOW.

Always keep a diamond in your mind
Always keep a diamond in your mind
Wherever you may wander, wherever you may roam
Always keep a diamond in your mind - Tom Waits


Tony G. said…
Thanks Will for the "check-up from the neck up". A great way to start the new year. What better way to achieve what you want by helping others achieve what they want. Happy New Year to you Will.
Kevin said…
Dear Will

A very HAPPY new year to you , everyone you know and love and to all those reading this.

I first listened to your gift to the world back in thwe 80s and I am very happy to have it back in my life again now. Your music and words act like a magic road linking the past and present like a rainbow.

Thank you will

I love you

place your lips here:


puka up!
Simple Tommy said…

I am SO GLAD that you are alive and well! After 'Dancing For Mental Health' (which got me through high school with my sanity intact) and a postcard from the Institute in the oh, 1980s (?), I didn't hear any more from you. It might sound like I'm over-doing it (at best), or nuts (at worst), but 'Mental Health' left a positive mark. It really is good to know that you're still in there.

Simple T.

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