No matter how spiritually evolved we are, we will be tested to see what our strengths and weaknessess are. No one in their body can escape the fact that at any moment one can fall from GRACE. To persist in your pursuit of being the best possible you, there will be all sorts of situations that happen which appear to destroy the progress you've made. Don't let it. You can welcome each problem, each failure, as a chance to become a stronger, better, more loving human being.

It is important for you to show others you care about them. Keep in mind that you have the power to help others with a simple acknowledgement. Be sincere.  Find honestly positive things to say about whatever someone does when you think it will enhance their progress. Your support can help them achieve their goals. This does not mean you shouldn't express any criticism.  Negative criticism done in an environment of trust where you've made it clear that there are also positives, can be an effective, and loving way to make your point. Criticism should not be made without offering what you think can be done to help the person or the situation.

For example: If Mary want others to think she is pretty.  She wears clothes which you think do not enhance her natural assets.  Don't just tell her that you think she has poor style, invite her to  go shopping with you. Point out clothes you think would be good for her to purchase. Suggest she try them on as a  'pattern interrupt.' If Mary purchases your suggestions, then go out with her in her new clothes so that she can experience how others see her in a new light.

"Helping one person may not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person."


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