When one has a belief system, it is based on doubt. How can there be those who believe if there are not those who doubt?  How can you take yourself out of this circle of drama?

Simple, be a person of faith. Faith does not leave room for doubt. With faith, one knows the outcome of any situation is, in the long run, for your benefit and thus the benefit of the world. A person of faith knows that with commitment and hard work comes the true connection we all want to have not only with ourselves but with others. In times where it appears we have little control over our destiny, it is easy to forget that just living your life honestly will help bring about a better world.  Practice thinking about how everything that goes on in your life as well as in the world, is all part of the drama necessary for us to become who we really are.

How you deal with every second in your life will determine the amount of joy, love, and health that you can experience and which you can pass onto others. Keep in mind that once you achieve this state of consciousness, it does not last forever.  One has to continually work to keep the positive mind in the moment.  By closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing, letting go of all thoughts, you can connect to the faith you always have had within you.  The ego wants you to believe that you are in control. You are, however only by letting go of the ego can you become free. Tell your ego to shut up.  Some of you know what I am talking about and some of you do not...If you practice concentration on your breath,  you can and you will know the power of letting the ego disappear.  There's another path to this state of consciousness as well.  It is by offering help others: give of your time to any organization that brings you in touch with people who want their lives to be of service to others.  It's all about the YOU that is in everyone which when you tap into the feeling, you will truly begin your adventure in success.


flo43223 said…
I do believe in miracles.
Nothing real can be threatend,
nothing unreal exsists.

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