Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time to say - Start Now

It's been a year since I last posted. Over the past 12 months I've given thought to the Will Powers book I will do. I would appreciate any thoughts you'd like to share, as well as any experiences where you had new approach to overcoming any obstacles. I told myself last year I would do this book and I have not started page 1.
What keeps me from working on it; from getting it done? I'm like everyone else who dreams and does not take action to make the dream a reality. The difference might be that I know there are no excuses. Either one does what one says they will do or they do not. How many stories have you heard of the individual doing what seemed impossible? Why do we think we will not have a
healthy, happy relationship that can last? What cause can we give ourselves to that will help us to find our self?
We think we can put it off. We think if we put it off, then maybe one day it will just happen. Well that's not possible.
I am the opposite side of the coin of Fate. I know I am only 1/2 of the coin and we have to work together --- Will Powers and Fate. Fate can change based on Will --- that's why we are in the body. All of this takes sacrifice. It takes concentration. It takes passion. So ask yourself as you start a new year - Do you want to climb that ladder of enlightenment? Do you dare to be great?