Friday, December 30, 2011

Make Self-Discipline Fun

The word discipline feels to most of us to be negative. It conjures up thoughts of punishment, of struggle, of being kept from that which is enjoyable. I want you to think of it positively. It is the path by which we can become 'heroes' in our own lives. So, we need to revisit our approach to taking responsibility for what it is that will truly make us happy. When we are emotionally attached to an idea, it is difficult to see that negative and positive are states of being that exist because of each other. By viewing everything as ultimately positive, that it is all for your benefit, you give yourself the power to approach any situation with the kind of attitude that can get you to your goals.

Make yourself some simple rules that you feel strongly you can keep to. Keep giving yourself more rules. As you do this you will come to discover that through rules, boundaries, you can find your real freedom.
It's that time of year for resolutions - start now: Happy New Year