Let's ask ourselves: "What is important?"  The clock is ticking. Are you spending more time at work than ever before? Is this because you need the money, because you love your job, or because you do not want to face a life without real love? If the answer is not clear to you, might I suggest that you close your eyes and breathe in deeply thru the nose and exhale thru the mouth for no less than 5 minutes. Do not think about anything but your breathing. Set a clock and no matter what, keep  breathing in and out for no less than 5 minutes.  Do not let your mind wander. Concentrate only on the breath. This is not easy as the mind will want you to move, scratch your nose, or to go get a pen and write something down that you forgot to do.  Shut that voice off.  At the end of the 5 minutes ask yourself what makes you happy.  Listen to what your voice tells you.  Keep in mind that you have created patterns of behavior which, on a certain level,  give you comfort. They make you feel you are in control.  However, if you truly want to fulfill your potential, if you want to move forward into a life well lived, give yourself a PATTERN INTERRUPT.  A shift in your patterns will enable you to become more of who you really are.  If this scares you it may help to repeat the phrase "Let go-let God."  Think of God as a higher power who will take care of you when you surrender who you think you are to who you would like to be.


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