“The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds.” - Albert Schweitzer

I cannot help to bring about a different world until I as an individual have fundamentally
changed. To understand that you must begin with yourself is to realize an enormous truth which most of us over look; it is easier to be concerned with the collective, with changing the social order, than to focus on your own self improvement.  By changing ourselves, that is how we change other people in our life. That is how we then change the world.  There is no point in thinking about how to change any other person than yourself. You can't change another person.

If you can appreciate this, then I suggest repeating the following chant for 5 minutes in the morning upon waking and 5 minutes in the evening before going to sleep.

Simply repeat the letters: K-Y-M-O-Y-O-B (Keep Your Mind On Your Own Business)

By focusing on you and what you need to do on your path, you are adding positive energy into
the world.


Kitchen Sinks said…
This is the real thing of everyone's life....i am agree with you
Greatchandelier said…
Wow..such a good post...after reading this blog i think i will work hard to change myself.
Vindhya Ameti said…
fab one!it is very encouraging and influencing....one can draw positive things fm ur post...

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